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1. A toy with glass pellets in legs must only be carried around with a support under the legs. It is absolutely forbidden to lift and carry the toy by ears, head or tail.

2. If a swiveling system is installed in the neck, the toy should always remain head-up (no neck bending is allowed).

3. The fur mane should only be brushed with an ungreased or a special brush used only for the toys, otherwise the fur will get dirty, dusty and greasy very soon.
Use of styling aids (gels, sprays etc) also lead to quick malucation. Aggressive aids can damage the fur. You can lightly style the mane with water - wet the fur, style it and let dry. It won't be longlasting, but safe for the toy.

When brushing, hold the fur near the roots. Be careful brushing near stitches and where the mane is stitched to the head. Wet fur must be double-cared as it will stick to the brush and more hairs will be torn out. Some hairs might be falling at first, those ones which were cut off when cutting the pieces out, but accidentally got into the stich.

4. If your toy got dirty, but the mane and tail were not damaged, try not to make them wet while washing. If the fur itself got dirty, NEVER rub it with a towel or sponge, as it will lead to the mane got tangled and felted. If it got really dirty, use a weak solution of a washing aid, put it on the mane with your hands, stroke with gratifying movements. Then wash the fur well under running water and part the streaks with your hands so that the fur does not get tangled.

5. Wire frame is not mean for changing poses, it only keeps the toy in one given position. If some details (e.g. wings) are often bend, the stuffing can be deformed and hollows will appear or frame will break in the area of bending.

The plushies are NOT suitable for children or active playing, because of hand-made stiches as well as small details, wire or plastic frame and glass pellets.